Shower Glass Enclosures & Auto Glass

Shower Flass Enclosures

We can always design and install the shower glass units or we can install a pre-fabricated unit that meet your needs and fulfill your requirements.
The shower in your home is an important place for your family. It is here where we can sing a song, think, relax and do a little bit of dreaming? right?

Give us the opportunity to seat with you and review your plans, drawings and ideas.

Shower glass enclosures helps with the light distribution inside your bathroom.
Make your bathroom an oasis with a frameless shower enclosure. Here you have a typical example:
Single water deflector redirects water toward the inside of the shower Side and door clear seals keep the shower watertight between wall and glass door or fixed panel Full-length clear seals make the shower waterproof were door and side panel overlap 3/8 Clear tempered glass ANSI Z97.1 certified Specially designed rollers make door closing smooth and effortless Reversible left or right-sided door installation options Top rail support ensures wall anchoring and reinforces wall stability Discrete door handle mounted on pre drilled glass Made for 56” - 60” adjustable shower door opening Door height 73-3/4" Door size 31-1/2"




Your car is on the road and it is always expose to danger!

Auto Glass

Get the knowledge you need when trying to determine the different types of auto glassavailable for your vehicle: Dealer auto glass, OEM auto glass and After market auto glass.

We are in your side. And we work with you to find and replace the glass unit that best fits your budeget.


Our car..... for many of us it is our best friend. It takes us where ever we want to go. No arguments.

Did you know in Florida you can be issued a fine if a damaged or broken windshield is not replaced? 
Quality glass is installed on all vehicles we service.
Our glass suppliers make the glass for the actual car manufactures thus insuring the correct fitment and quality you expect.
Car windshields act as an important part of the car's frame during accidents.
The front windshield keeps the roof of your car from crushing you in the event of a roll-over accident.
Your front windshield protects you from flying debris, dust and dirt in the event of an accident.
The front windshield is also designed to prevent passengers from flying out of the car in the event of a head on collision.



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